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Scented candle
  • Scented candle

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    Aromatic candles made by hand with natural materials.

    Aromatherapy is the discipline that bets on the power of the sense of smell to stimulate the body's functions at a sensory and extra-sensory level.

    The scented candle helps to easily spread the scent of essential oils, creating an atmosphere that inspires peace and tranquility.

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    • Vanilla scented candle

      Vanilla has a comforting, warm scent.

      In aromatherapy, vanilla is an aroma noted for its relaxing qualities as a natural antidepressant, although it is also used as an aromatic stimulant. The sweetness of its aroma will help you connect with calm and well-being.

    • Scented apple candle

      The apple scent helps fight exhaustion and headaches. A fruity and fresh scent for an ideal environment.

    • Vela aromática lavanda

      Nuestra nueva vela con aroma de lavanda es ideal para conectar con nuestros sentidos.

      La lavanda tiene propiedades relajantes elimina la ansiedad y el estrés, ayuda a despejar las mentes cansadas.

      Los aromas cumplen una función extraordinaria en la estimulación neuronal.

      El color lila de la vela, también te ayudará sentir calma y bienestar.

      Dedícate el tiempo que mereces.

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